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Case Studies

Case Studies Of Various Patients

  1. Case of 36 yrs old Mr. Ramesh with a known case of vitiligo and chronic constipation.
    This is a case of 36 yrs old Mr. Ramesh who was suffering from vitiligo since the past 2 yrs. Vitiligo was spread across his hands, legs, chest, face and ears. Along with this skin complaint, he also had chronic constipation since 2 yrs. Because of constipation there was lack of appetite. He had no family history of vitiligo.

    Father-Hypertension Mother-Hypertension

    He had a big social circle and liked to be in the company of people. He didn't like to give any troubles to others.

    His built was average, with lack of appetite. He would sweat profusely especially on head area. His sleep was sound without particular dreams. Motions were hard with unsatisfaction, but no pain in abdomen. In the past, he had suffered from Appendicitis; which was operated 6 yrs back with positive history of renal stones. Based on the above history, Homeopathic medicines, for his vitiligo & constipation was prescribed. With the medicines his constipation improved. After 2 months of treatment, he had proper motions & vitiligo was also improving. After 4 Months of homeopathic treatment and proper diet, there was marked improvement up to 60-70% on the hands, face & ears. His treatment is still going on.

  2. (Aug 06 ) 28 yrs old banker living with extensive lesions of Psoriasis on scalp since 2yrs, with intense itching, which was worse during winters & rainy seasons.

    This is the case of Mr. J.P, 28 yrs old banker hailing from Andhra Pradesh, had visited the clinic with the complaints of Psoriasis since 4 yrs. He had extensive scaling, lesions all over the scalp [Plaque Psoriasis], which had now started spreading on the trunk region. Itching was intense, which would be worse during winters & rainy season & during night. He had taken allopathic medicines & was on steroidal ointment with not much relief in the complaints.

    Patient was unmarried; living alone in Mumbai. His Grandfather had the complaints of psoriatic arthritis. He was of average built, with good appetite. He had specific craving for food & onions. His sleep was disturbed at times due to intense itching.

    The patient was from well cultured family. He was very religious. Was very disciplined, be it for work, for time & everything. He usually used to like socializing, but would avoid it due to his present complaints. He would frequently brood about his problems. He was very fastidious by nature and was very particular about the way he would keep his things.

    After detailed case history, the patient was prescribed Psorinum 200 with one more medicine specially prepared at Nash Clinic. There was dramatic improvement in the patient’s psoriasis. With continued Medication psoriatic patches on the trunk had totally cleared. Psoriasis on the scalp improved by 70%. His treatment was continued till then. He recovered completely and thereafter treatment was concluded.

  3. Mr. Ramchandra, 35 yrs old man, presented with colds since 5 yrs. He had sneezing and nose blocks everyday.

    Mr. Ramchandra, 35 yrs old male, visited our clinic for complaints of Allergic rhinitis.

    He was suffering for cold, sneezing, running nose since over 5 yrs. He had nose block problems at night, so much so that he had to breathe through his mouth. He was took anti-histamines whenever he had severe episodes. However the complaints were relieved temporarily after which he had to repeat them. Moreover the anti-histamines would make him dull and drowsy. So he preferred to avoid it, until the condition was unbearable or would go for home-remedies.

    He also complained of acidity since the past 2 yrs. He was suffering from hypothyroidism for which he was taking. T Eltroxin 50 mg.

    He was staying with his mother, wife and 2 children. His father and sister also suffered from the same. He was a creative person. He liked socializing as well. He liked to be occupied. He was a good speaker, which was affected by his present complaints. He had craving for spicy foods. His thirst was very less. According to his case details, he was prescribed a constitutional remedy. Within 3 weeks he found excellent response. He was free from colds, sneezing bouts and his acidity was better. His nose flow was better; he was able to sleep peacefully at night. There were markedly reduced attacks of cold in the next 8 months that he followed up with us.

  4. 27 years old male patient had complaints of excessive hair loss since 2 yrs, with dandruff and itching over scalp.

    This is the case of 27-yers old male patient who reported to the clinic with complaints of excessive dandruff and itching over scalp while oil massage / combing. He also had complaints of reddish boils over scalp and back due to dandruff. That would get worse from heat excessive sweating.

    He had marked craving for sweats and spicy food. And aversion to certain vegetarian foods. He had excessive thirst for water. Perspiration was profuse especially over head and was offensive.
    He had a very sensitive personality and very religious person. He loved music and liked to dance. He liked to stay with his family and friends. He didn’t it like to talk to strangers.
    There was history of hair fall in family. His father mad complaints of alopecia areata.

    Based on the above history the patient was prescribed constitutional homeopathic medicine. Within the first month itself there was an improvement its hair loss, and dandruff with less in itching. Within 6 months of treatment, he was better than before and dandruff also less than before with reduced itching and boil tendency. Treatment is still going on.