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Hair Treatment

Nash Clinic world class hair treatment programme.
Having bald patches on one's head beard and eyebrows can be very distressing. The different kinds of hair disorders includes male alopecia areata, is the loss of hair circular or oval patches from the scalp or elsewhere such as eyebrows, beard etc.

  • Alopecia Areata

  • Chronic Dandruff

  • Hair Loss

  • Split Ends

  • Lustreless Hair

  • Patchy Hair Loss

  • Premature Greying

  • Unwanted Hair Growth

  • Overuse of Chemicals & Dyes

  • Dry, Rough Hair

Know your Hair
1. Hair is composed of a protein called keratin which is why it is important to take enough protein in your diet to have healthy hair.

2. Your Hair can grow up to half an inch every six months but the total length of hair is genetically determined that's why every individual have different have different hair growth.

3. If your loose 50-100 hair strands per day it is considered normal medically because human body is capable of growing hair at the same rate but you start loosing more hair then this, than it is considered hair disorder.

4. Hair disorder in certain cases is considered when your hair loss is normal but your body stop growing hair at the same rate and that slowly leads to bladness.


Causes of hair disorder
Amongst all the aliments of hair, dandruff is the one whose incidence is on rise rapidly in today's community.

  • It is an fungal infection with often associated with dryness of sclap.
  • Dandruff formation of flakes is no doubt a scalp problem.
  • It is a result of disorder of oil secreting glands of scalp.
  • Those who have dandroff have itchy, irritating scalps characterized by redness.
  • Anti dandruff shampoos are temporary & external mode of Rx, the problem returns with in a short while of discountinuing usage of shampoos.
  • Being a holistic form of medicine Homeopathy makes a very effective combination to fight out dandruff.

1. Hereditary factor:
It is a very common factor which leads to baldness. Another causes is mental stress in this case body losses its own defense mechanism making hair follicles susceptible to external harmful factor.

2. Illness:
Diseases like Jaundice, malaria and typhoid in such diseases you start loosing hair more than normal. Cpmmonly it is drugs. side effects of antibiotics & other drugs.

3. Smoking: Can also lead to hair loass by directly affecting hair follicles and destroying the cells which bulit the hair fibre. Certain allopathic drugs also aggravate hair loss e.g. anti Hypertensive drugs, steroids, stc.

4. Hormonal Changes:
In female it is very important factor of baldness. Hormonal changes in woman can lead to hair loss. In young girls the onset of menstrual periods may lead to hair loss when in some cases may need proper treatment.

5. Pregnancy & Delivery factor:
In some cases even if delivery is normal women start loosing hair after three months again it may need proper treatment. A lot of women at the age 40-50 start losing hair due to Menopause.

6. Nutritional Deficiency:
This is a common problem of hair loass and specially due to iron deficiency you start loosing your hair and other reason is dieting when stop taking certain type of food like green leafy vegetables, eggs, raw salads, enough consumption of water whcih leads to protein, carbohydrate, & fat deficiency leading to hair loss.

7. Oral contraceptives:
Certain type of oral contraceptive using synthetic progesterone can cause baldness but even when stop oralcontracetives it can lead to hair loass.