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Nash Homeopathic Treatment Is Extremely Effective In Treating Following Skin Diseases:-

  • Acne

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Melasma

  • Dark circles

  • Vitiligo

  • Leucoderma

  • Eczema

  • Psoriasis

  • Contact Dermatitis

  • Jewellery dermatitis

  • Pityriasis (Fungal Infections)

  • Warts

  • Urticaria

  • Corns

  • Folliculitis

  • Anti-Ageing

Nash Clinic Ideal For Skin Therapy:
Basic beauty begins with the glow of good health, which shines from within. The skin often mirrors the health of the whole body. In today s world external beauty matters to all as much as internal health. Nash Homeopathy strongly believes that skin diseases are never just skin deep. These are considered as mere external expression of an internally weak or imbalanced immune system. Hence, Nash Homeopathy treats skin diseases at deeper level, not just by external applications. As the Homeopathic medicines stimulates the body’s defense mechanism thus enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself from within.

General Information About Skin:
1. Many researchers consider skin as a body organ, making it the largest organs both by weight and total surface area. In fact skin accounts for as much as 16% of the body weight.
2. Broadly speaking our skin is composed of three layers the epidermis, the dermis, and the conductive tissue layers. These layers consists of blood vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles, sweat glands, oil (sebaceous) glands, melanocytes (pigment producing glands) etc. The lower most layer is called the dermis layer and is responsible for growing new skin.
3. Nails and hairs are also considered part of the skin. Each nail grows out of a nail root, which lies embedded in the skin and rests on a section of tissue called the nail bed.

Skin Problems Commonly Encountered


Also known as pimples. This skin condition often causes far more damage to the patient's psyche than it does to the patients skin.
The Three Common Types Of Acne Are:
1. Acne Vulgaris
2. Acne Rosacea
3. Cystic Acne
Acne vulgaris is a type of acne which commonly occurs in teenagers. Acne rosacea and cystic acne occurs more often at later ages.

Causes Of Acne:

Hormonal factors - most doctors believe that the cause of acne are in nature with the onset of puberty. Even females have a certain amount of male hormone which stimulate the oil secreting glands to produce greater quantities of oil known as sebum which on secondary infection gives rise to acne.
Hereditary Factors:
There is increasing acceptance in medical circle that hereditary factors play an important role in causing acne. This is especially true in case of severe form of acne vulgaris.
In Some Cases The Triggering Factors Maybe:
1 . Sweet 2. Chocolates 3. Fried Food 4. Emotional Stress 5. Dandruff
Treating Acne:
Nash Clinic provides a good solution for acne and can eliminate the eruption over a period of time, however it is important to note, acne almost never disappears at one time. As it is greatly influenced by bodys hormonal levels, which fluctuate throughout the month, acne eruption also increase and decrease accordingly. It will ultimately reduce to a good extent or disappear a period of time.

Nash Homeopathic Treatment for Acne:

Nash Homeopathic treatment for acne is very effective.It helps to control the tendency to have acne by improving the imbalance of sebum and hormones. It also helps to control infection, scar formation & hyperpigmentation permanently.

Contact Dermtitis:

This is very common skin disorder that can arise while doing house work. It can occur as an irritation to the skin or as an allergic reaction to some agents such as detergents, soaps, toileteries, etc.
The Common Offending Agents Are:
1. Detergents, Cleansing Agents Disinfectant
2. Spices
3. Allergies To Food Stuffs Like Onion, Garlic And CertainFruits.
4. Flavouring Agents
5. Fragrances, Nickel Etc.
The best precaution to take against contact dermatitis is to avoid all contact with the offending agent. Practically speaking however, this is not possible as it would mean not doing all house work. The next best solution is to use cotton gloves inside loose fitting rubber gloves.

Fungal Infection:

Fungal infection may affect the nails causing them to become brittle or thick. In some cases the nail is completely destroyed. Fungal infection which occurs between the fingers appears as a red, rash accompanied with itching, causing great distress. Thus fungal infection is observed in house wives because of the nature of their work.

Jellewery Dermititis (Nickel Allergy):

This refers to a skin condition which is medically called nickel allergy this condition develops when a person becomes allergic to nickel and on contact with the metal, develops a red, itchy rash followed by tiny water blisters and peeling of skin.

Causes Of Jewellery Dermatites:

It is believed that jewellery dermatites most commonly develops whenever the damaged or broken skin is exposed to nickel allowing the metal to easily pass upto the deeper layers of skin.
1. Coins
2. Jewellery: Most gold jewellery contains varying amount Of nickel. This Is because gold by itslef is not hard enough to make Jewellery, so other metals like nickel have to be added to Make it stronger. Jewellery Made Of Gold Which Is Less Than 18 Carats Contains More Nickel And Thus Is Particularly Harmful.
3. Common Household Articles Like Scissors, Needles,Thimbles, Zips, Press Studs, Pens, Filing Cabinets, Taps, Keys, Key Rings, Can Also Aggravate The Condition.
4. Green Leafy Vegetables, Acidic Food Like Apples, Citric Fruits, Which Are Cooked In Stainless Steel Vessels.


This is an another skin condition commonly occurring in women. Hyperpigmentation as such is not a disease. It is a symptom which can be associated with disorder like:
1. Anaemia (commonly seen as dark circles).
2. Various allergic dermatitis like jewellery dermatitis.
3. Hereditary factors. In many females hyperpigmentation seems to be associated with a strong family history of the same.
4. Sun: solar dermatitis (sun allergy) is a very common cause of hyperpigmentation.

Nash Homeopathic Treatment for Hyper Pigmentation:

Nash Clinic provides the treatment that treats the hormonal imbalance and thus control the excessive production of melanin by improving the skin texture. It helps to stop the occurrences of new patches by gradually reducing & ultimately giving original skin colour. The skin slowly reverts to its normal condition without leaving any blemishes.


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterised by red plaques covered with silvery scales.

Causes Of Psoriasis:

The basic mechanism of psoriasis is excess skin formation. Normally skin cell can grow either a normal growth or as a healing wound with every skin cell having a life cycle of 28 days. In psoriasis the skin cells go into perpetual regenerative maturation i.e. inspite of no wound the skin cells are formed at a very rapid rate. The excessive skin cells which accumalate in form of elevated, scaly lesions, known as plaques. Psoriasis is a cyclical phenomenon. The factors which can lead to a relapse are:
1.Emotional stress, especially sudden psycological trauma
2.Changes in weather conditions, especially onset of winters is known to cause a relapse in as many as 8 5 % of patients of psoriasis.
3.Viral or bacterial, respiratory infections.
So, there is a Homeopathy Treatment for Psoriasis.

Common Types Of Psoriasis:

1. Psoriasis vulgaris: This is the most common type of psoriasis.
2. Pustular psoriasis: It is characterised by formation of large, pus filled blisters and in severe cases can even lead to grave danger.
3. Erythodermic psoriasis:This is characterised by wide spread reddening and scaling of skin.
4. Guttate psoriasis: Drop like lesions appears mainly on abdomen, and scalp.
5. In verse psoriasis: Large, dry, smooth red plaques occur, in folds of skin. Rare places like the genitals under breasts or under armpits.
6. Palmoplantar psoriasis: mainly affecting the palms and soles.

Nash Homeopathic Treatment For Psoriasis:

Nash Homeoplex provides a good solution for psoriasis. As Psoriasis is a skin disorder caused due to over reaction of our immune system, It requires a lot of detailed study of patient before anything can be prescribed. It requires a deep constitutional analysis.
Nash treatment works by optimizing your defense mechanism & it improves your immune system by providing natural healing system which is curative & non–suppressive in nature.


he word eczema ( dermititis) is chronic inflammatory skin condition characterised by red, blistering, oozing or dry, scaly, thickened lesions.
Common Types Of Eczema:
1. Atopic Dermatitis
2. Contact Dermatitis
3. Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
4. Exfoliative Dermatitis
5. Stasis Dermatitis
6. Neuro Dermatitis

Nash Homeopathic Treatment For Eczema:

Nash Clinic offers very good treatment for Eczema. As we give internal medicine to remove the basic disposition /sensitivity to develop such a lesion this approach not only successfully removes the eczema but also removes the possibility of development of other hypersensitivity disorders like asthma after Eczema is cured.


Common Types Of White Patches:
Hypopigmentation or white patches are very common complaint & are seen in all age group. The most common types of white patches are:
1.Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis Alba:

This is characterised by multiple, oval, flat hypopigmented patches which occur mostly on the face. Pityriasis alba is a very common occurrence in children between the age groups of 3 and 16, up to 30% children are known to suffer from it at any giventime. It is normally a harmless condition, often mistaken for fungal infection.


This condition is characterised by depigmented patches or loss of normal pigmentation. The patches are flat, completely devoid of colour and have distinct borders. Hair within the patches are often white as well (known as leucotrichria). Vitilgo normally affects two out of every 100 peoples. 50% patients develop leucoderma beforethe age of 20.

Causes Of Vitiligo:

The normal skin colour is maintained by a pigment called melanin. Certain skin cells called melanocytes produce this pigment and are therefore, responsible for maintaining skin pigmentation. There are three main theories as to why this happens.
1.Abnormally functioning nerve cells may produce toxic substances that injure melanocytes.
2.Autoimmune causes:-like in psoriasis, one's own immunity attack the melanocytes, treating them as foreign bodies and destroying them.
3.Aenetic reasons:-which make the melanocytes more susceptible to any injury and hence causes white patches.

Nash Homeopathic Treatment For Vitiligo /White Patches:

Nash Clinic gives wonderful and miraculous cures in many cases of vitiligo. This is due to the fact that Homeopathic treatment enhances the natural production of pigment. Vitiligo has been considered as a local expression of a system disturbance. Treatment can be aimed at returning normal pigment (repigmentation). As vitiligo is a chronic disorder and can take considerable time even with the best of the Homeopathic treatment, for it to be completely cured.


Warts Are Harmless Skin Growths Caused By A Viral Infection In The Top Layer Of The Skin. There Are 4 Types Of Warts.
1.Common warts: They usually grow around the nails on the finger and on the back of the hands.
2.Flat warts: These are smaller and flat. They occur mainly on the face in children or in the beard area.
3.Plantar warts: Which mainly grow on the soles of the feet and are known to grow in whirls, occurring due to pressure of standing and walking.
4.Genital warts: They occur in the genital areas of both males and females and are sexually transmitted.

Nash Homeopathic Treatment for Warts:

Nash Clinic offers an excellent treatment for warts. Homeopathic treatment treats the ailments from within, as the cause is internal for along time & almost permanently.

Treatment of Skin Disorders At Nash Clinic:

Many times, the reason for a skin disorder lies much beneath the skin surface. It is therefore vital to take into consideration the physical as well as the mental factors causing and affecting the conditions. The nash treatment given at Nash Clinic work at two levels. At one level the medication is given with the aim of providing symptomatic relief to patients to control the disease and make them more comfortable. At another level, long term, constitutional medicine is prescribed. These medications vary from person to person, depending on individual dispositions.